List Of 20 Websites That Provide The Best Free Online IQ Tests

To measure your IQ score in a fast and convenient way, take the IQ test for free and get instant results with the best free online IQ tests listed here.

If you're curious about your intelligence quotient (IQ), the easiest way to find out is by taking a free online IQ test. These tests are quick, usually taking no more than 30 minutes to complete, and provide you with a numerical IQ score based on your performance. Some tests may also consider factors such as your age and gender.

20 Best Free Online IQ Tests in 2024

1. Mensa IQ Challenge


Including 35 puzzles designed in the form of visual patterns, participants need to complete the test in 25 minutes. No specialized mathematical skills or language knowledge is required. However, the score is for entertainment purposes only and does not qualify for Mensa organization.



If you are looking for a free online test with comprehensive instant results, this is the best choice. The 3000 questions cover 3 main aspects (logical, numerical, and spatial fields) in the question banks. This ensures that each test-taker receives a unique set of questions and avoids repetition. Upon completion, participants receive a detailed report, including their strongest facet of intelligence. After completing the test, participants will immediately get the detailed report result. The detailed report represents which facet of intelligence you performed the best.

3. 123Test

123test IQ

This site provides users with a chance to attempt “practice” IQ test questions to approximate their IQ scores. It offers two test choices: The Culture Fair test, comprising eight non-verbal questions, suitable for individuals who are not native English speakers, and The Classical Intelligence test, consisting of 10 questions covering numerical, verbal, logical, and spatial reasoning. If users want to access the complete, professional test with more questions it can be purchased for $8.99.


The Free IQ Test offered by Genius Tests consists of 20 questions designed according to the WAIS IQ score formula. Time plays a crucial role in this test, as it directly affects your final IQ score. The test is conducted anonymously, ensuring that your IQ result remains confidential and will not be shared or saved. This test provides a convenient and quick way to gauge your cognitive abilities without the need to disclose personal information.

5. Real IQ test

This free IQ Test includes 100 randomly selected abstract questions on various topics from our universal question library. The ranking system's baseline was meticulously set by a diverse group of individuals.

6. GBI IQ Test

GBI IQ Test is a comprehensive, scientifically validated IQ test crafted by experts in the field. This test is designed to provide an accurate assessment of an individual's cognitive abilities, covering various aspects of intelligence such as verbal, numerical, logical, and spatial reasoning. It offers a reliable and insightful evaluation, helping individuals gain a better understanding of their intellectual capabilities.


This test requires mental work only; no pencil, paper, or calculator. You'll need to determine if statements are true or false by clicking the corresponding button. It's timed, so work quickly but think about each question. Correct answers are key, not speed. There are 38 statements to respond to, and your score will be higher if you complete the test quickly.


Inputting several personal information like name, gender, and age… and take the free test. With unique and challenging questions, the IQ test offers an accurate and entirely free IQ score in approximately 10-20 minutes.


The IQ test on this website includes a list of 20 questions covering math, spatial reasoning, and language fields. The IQ result also represents the correct answer to each question you’ve answered.


Including a 40-question IQ test. Participants have 30 mins to complete the test. However, it’s recommended to have a pen and paper during the test.

11. See My Personality

The test provides your IQ score along with a visual analysis of your left brain versus right brain dominance. Additionally, it includes brief statements about each component of the test, including comprehension, logic, memory, and numerical sequences. The questions are notably challenging, particularly the memory testing section, giving the impression of a thorough IQ assessment rather than a casual activity.


To assess your fluid intelligence, participants are required to answer 22 questions in the test. The personalized report offers an overall Quick IQ Score along with subskill scores for visuospatial pattern reasoning and numerical reasoning. Additionally, you'll receive a performance level that provides a comparison with other testers worldwide, helping you assess your standing.

13. Fun Education

As its name suggests, this test offers a free IQ test for participants over 17 years old and a paid test for children. The puzzles in the test primarily focus on verbal skills and spatial reasoning.

14. IQ Test Experts

Participants are required to complete a 30-question IQ test in 15 minutes. The tests mainly focus on assessing numerical skills, shapes, and sequence quizzes. Participants will get the results via email.

15. Genius Tests

Genius Tests provide two distinct types of tests. The Full Quiz requires users to answer 50 questions in 12 minutes, while the quick version consists of 25 questions and the time limit is 6 minutes. Scores are instantly available without the need for an email.

16. Brainable

Brainable's free online IQ test challenges participants with 20 questions in 20 minutes, all in a multiple-choice format. Additionally, Brainable offers over 20 brain games suitable for kids, adults, and seniors, serving as your personal brain trainer that lets you exercise your mind.

17. Cognifit

Offering non-verbal IQ tests, this site helps measure fluid intelligence. The test is available in a digital format, making it accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. This format enables easy test application and automatic calculation of results.


The free online IQ tests are developed in collaboration with experts in their respective fields.

19. PsychTest

The test offers an alternative to the traditional IQ test by providing insight into your ability to control emotions, both your own and those of others. It's beneficial to dedicate time to improving your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ) through PsychTest, as it is becoming increasingly important in the workplace for evaluating individuals for hiring, promotion, and leadership roles.

20. Worldwide IQ Test

With challenging quizzes and a user-friendly interface, this website provides a fun way to measure human cognitive ability. Each test consists of 30 questions. After completing the test, you will get an IQ Certificate and a detailed performance report.

Comparing Top 5 Best Free IQ Tests

Here are selected top 5 best free IQ tests among the 20 listed.

Mensa IQ Challenge:

  • UX: The website is simple and easy to navigate, but the test format is basic, consisting of visual puzzles.

Mensa IQ Test Example Question

  • Questions: The question bank includes 35 visual pattern puzzles, no specialized skills are required.
  • Pros: Simple and easy to navigate website, no specialized skills required for the test, entertaining.
  • Cons: Scores are for entertainment purposes only and do not qualify for Mensa organization, limited to visual pattern puzzles.

  • UX: Offers a modern and user-friendly interface with clear instructions. Provides a comprehensive and engaging test experience with instant detailed results

IQ score

  • Questions: 3000 questions covering logical, numerical, and spatial fields, ensuring a varied test experience for each user.

IQtestonline example question

  • Pros: Comprehensive instant results, 3000 questions covering logical, numerical, and spatial fields, each test-taker receives different questions.
  • Cons: The question bank doesn’t cover all aspects of intelligence such as verbal reasoning, emotional intelligence, and creative thinking, which are also important components of overall cognitive abilities.


  • UX: The website design is simple, but it offers a variety of test options.
  • Questions: Offers two test choices: Culture Fair test (8 non-verbal questions) and Classical Intelligence test (10 questions covering various reasoning types).

123test culture fair intelligence test

  • Pros: Offers practice IQ test questions, two test choices for different needs, and professional tests available for purchase.
  • Cons: Full professional test requires purchase, and a limited number of questions in the free practice tests.

  • UX: Basic website design with a focus on the test.
  • Questions: 20 questions designed according to the WAIS IQ score formula, emphasizing time as a factor.
  • Pros: Test is designed according to the WAIS IQ score formula, and provides a quick way to gauge cognitive abilities anonymously.
  • Cons: Only 20 questions, time plays a crucial role in the final score, and limited depth in assessment.

Real IQ Test:

  • UX: Website design is simple, but the test interface is functional.
  • Questions: 100 abstract questions on various topics, offering a comprehensive test experience.
  • Pros: Includes 100 randomly selected abstract questions for a comprehensive assessment, ranking system baseline set by a diverse group.
  • Cons: Website design is basic, lacks modern UX features, and limited information provided.

Are free online IQ tests reliable?

Free online IQ tests can vary significantly in terms of reliability. Some tests may provide a relatively accurate estimate of IQ, especially if they are developed by reputable psychologists or organizations with expertise in psychometrics. However, many free online IQ tests are not professionally validated and may not provide accurate or consistent results.

Factors that can affect the reliability of free online IQ tests include the quality of the test questions and the scoring methodology. Additionally, some tests may be designed more for entertainment purposes rather than providing a valid assessment of intelligence.

For a more reliable assessment of IQ, it's recommended to use professionally developed tests administered by trained professionals. However, such tests often come with a cost. For a free, precise, and meaningful result, you can explore the IQ tests mentioned above.

Should I take an online IQ test?

Taking an online IQ test is the quickest way to glimpse into one's intellectual capabilities with just a few clicks. However, it's essential to approach such tests with a critical mindset, as the quality and accuracy of online IQ tests can vary significantly.

While some online tests may provide a reasonably accurate assessment, many lack the scientific rigor and standardization of professionally administered tests. Factors such as the test's design, the quality of the questions, and the scoring methodology can all influence the results. It's important to remember that IQ tests are just one measure of intelligence and may not capture the full range of cognitive abilities or potential. Additionally, intelligence is a complex trait influenced by various factors, including genetics, environment, and life experiences, that cannot be fully captured by a single test.

If you're considering taking an online IQ test out of curiosity, it can be a fun and engaging activity. However, for a more reliable and comprehensive assessment, it's recommended to use professionally developed tests administered by trained professionals. These tests may involve a fee but can provide a more accurate and meaningful evaluation of your intelligence.

How to Choose the Best Free Online IQ Test

Choosing the best free online IQ test can be a bit challenging due to the variety of options available. Here are some tips to help you choose the most suitable one:

  • Reputation: Look for tests from reputable sources, such as universities, psychology organizations, trustful websites or established IQ testing platforms.
  • Validity: Check if the test has been validated through research and if it measures a broad range of cognitive abilities.
  • Length: A longer test with more questions may provide a more accurate assessment of your IQ.
  • Question Types: The test should include a variety of question types, such as verbal, numerical, and spatial reasoning.
  • Feedback: Choose a test that provides detailed feedback on your performance and explains the correct answers.
  • Accessibility: Ensure the test is user-friendly and can be taken on different devices.
  • Privacy: Check the privacy policy to ensure your data is protected.

How to Improve Your Score in Free Online IQ Tests

  • Practice: Try to familiarize yourself with the types of questions/ quizzes commonly found in IQ tests by practicing similar questions.
  • Focus: Concentrate on the questions and avoid any distractions outside while taking the test.
  • Time Management: Manage your time effectively during the test to ensure you can complete all questions.
  • Analyze Mistakes: Review your mistakes after taking a practice test and understand the logic behind the correct answers.
  • Strengthen Weak Areas: Work on improving your skills in areas where you struggle, such as verbal reasoning or mathematical concepts.
  • Stay Relaxed: Keep a calm and focused mindset when taking the IQ test to perform to the best of your abilities.
  • Seek Feedback: If possible, discuss your performance with someone knowledgeable about IQ testing to gain insights into areas for improvement.

In conclusion, the IQ test is just one measure of intelligence and it may not fully capture your true intellectual potential. Explore these top 20 free online IQ tests to challenge yourself, but also remember to embrace your unique strengths and talents beyond a single test score.