Who Has The Highest IQ In The World? - 2024 Smartest Person Revealed!

Find out who has the highest IQ in the world and the list of top 10 smartest people in the world!

Intelligence is a complex attribute that appears challenging to measure. However, the fact is that people are always curious about how smart they are and who has the highest IQ in the world and try to figure that out from IQ tests. According to the current IQ scoring technique, an IQ score of 100 indicates an average IQ. Above 115 indicates "above the mean", and a score of below 85 means "below the mean". About two-thirds of people achieve scores ranging from 85 to 115 and only 5 percent of the population scores above 125.

Challenges of defining the "highest IQ" in the world

As we mentioned above, it is not easy to figure out who has the highest IQ in the world. This is simple because there are multiple IQ tests existing and each has different methods and score ranges. Additionally, IQ tests only measure certain cognitive abilities like numerical, logical, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills. They may not capture every aspect of intelligence. Another reason is that there are various factors that can affect the test-taker's performance like environment, culture, and more. This leads to potential biases in the assessment.

What is the highest possible IQ score?

In theory, there is no maximum IQ score. While 200 is commonly regarded as the peak score and represents the pinnacle of cognitive assessment, some individuals have even achieved higher scores.

Besides, IQ tests have evolved through history, it is challenging to compare results from different periods.

It is commonly known that achieving a score of 130 or above indicates a superior IQ and is among the top 2% of the global population with the highest IQ possible. 

Who has the highest IQ in the world? - 2024 Smartest Person Revealed!

1. Grigori Perelman - 238

Grigori Perelman - the person with the highest iq recorded

The person with the highest IQ in the world is Grigori Perelman, a Russian mathematician. He is known for his contributions to geometric analysis, geometric topology, and Riemannian geometry. He proved the Poincaré conjecture and Thurston's geometrization conjecture, a long-standing problem in mathematics.

2. Marilyn vos Savant - 228

Marilyn vos Savant

Savant was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records from 1985 to 1989 under the title "Highest IQ" with a score of 228. However, after conducting research, Guinness retired the “Highest IQ” category in 1990. It also said that the IQ tests were not accurate enough to designate the record holder. Savant is an American magazine columnist. She is known for her "Ask Marilyn" column in Parade magazine where she answers readers' questions on a wide range of academic subjects.

3. Christopher Hirata - 225

Christopher Hirata

Christopher Hirata is undeniably a brilliant astrophysicist and cosmologist. He is known for his exceptional achievements in the theoretical astrophysics field. He has made significant contributions to the human understanding of cosmic phenomena. Hirata got the gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad when he was just 13 years old.

4. Terence Tao - 211

Terence Tao is a famous scientist who has made important contributions to many areas, such as harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, and analytic number theory. Tao has made a lot of progress in his area and is known for having amazing mathematical skills. He has won a lot of awards and praise for this. It has had and will continue to have a huge effect on the field of mathematics, inspiring and guiding the work of scientists to come.

5. William Shakespeare - 210

William Shakespeare is one of the greatest English writers and dramatists. He has extant works of 39 plays, 154 sonnets, 3 long narrative poems, and many other verses. Bard has made many important contributions to writings and art that will last for a long time. There is no record of his IQ, however, his extraordinary mastery of language and understanding of human nature prove that he possessed a genius IQ.

6. William Sidis - 200

William Sidis

William Sidis was a unique individual whose intelligence and abilities continue to fascinate people today. Sidis, also known as a prodigy, had an amazing mind that allowed him to accomplish remarkable accomplishments at such an early age. His biography is about extraordinary talent, intellectual curiosity, and the pitfalls of celebrity and public scrutiny.

7. Sho Yano - 200

Sho Yano is a very amazing person. He possessed an amazing mind and a tremendous learning ability from a young age. His journey is nothing short of inspirational, as he accomplished multiple academic benchmarks at such a young age. Sho Yano's story demonstrates the power of determination, desire, and the unwavering quest for knowledge.

8. Sir Isaac Newton - 190

Sir Issac Newton is a brilliant physicist and mathematician who explained some of the most fundamental scientific laws. He formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation, invented calculus, built the first reflecting telescope, and explained the nature of light and color. He also had interests in alchemy, theology, and astronomy. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential scientists in history.

9. Marie Curie - 180

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was an amazing scientist whose groundbreaking work in the area of radioactivity made her famous all over the world. Our understanding of the structure of atoms changed because of her findings. They also made it possible for big steps forward in medicine and physics. Young scientists all over the world are still inspired by Marie Curie's unwavering commitment to her work and her willingness to take risks.

10. Nikola Tesla - 160

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant inventor, engineer, and visionary who revolutionized the fields of electricity, magnetism, and wireless communication. He worked with Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and J.P. Morgan, among others, and developed many fantastic inventions, such as the alternating current (AC) system, the Tesla coil, the radio, the remote control, and the X-ray. He also envisioned futuristic concepts, such as wireless power transmission, global communication, and interplanetary exploration. Nikola Tesla brought us the legacy of scientific discoveries and innovations that continue to inspire and influence the world today.

Is having a high IQ important for success?

People have different ideas about the importance of high IQ in life success. The fact is that a good IQ score can help you succeed in certain areas that require solving complicated problems and thinking critically. However, it's not the sole factor that determines success. Success is a complex and multifaceted concept that can be defined and measured in different ways.

While IQ tests can measure one's cognitive abilities, they do not capture other aspects of intelligence like creativity and emotional intelligence. Therefore, having a high IQ may give you an advantage in some areas such as academic and professional achievement, but it does not guarantee success in life.

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